In Hawaii, patients gain more beneficial services through online opportunities. These opportunities allow them to address complex issues without going to a counselor’s office. Th following are the major benefits of a home addiction recovery program for drug and alcohol treatment.

Complete and Total Privacy

The patient completes their counseling in the complete privacy of their home. They won’t have to worry about leaving home to attend these sessions. They remain at home and talk to their counselor through popular video chat services such as Skype. These opportunities also provide a monetary savings for the patient as well. They won’t spend money on fuel or travel expenses.

One On One Counseling for Addiction

They complete one on one counseling sessions with their counselor online. They schedule these services according to their preferred schedule. This allows the patient to relax and recover instead of becoming stressed if they cannot get to an appointment. Their program consists of 8 or 10 weeks. Each program offers one-hour counseling sessions. They are beneficial for busy patients and give them the courage they need to stay healthy.


No Hospital Stays

The patient won’t stay in a hospital during the program. They complete the detox program at home in privacy. They can acquire a nurse to remain in the home during this process. This prevents potential issues that could lead to adverse effects. These effects include severe dehydration, nausea, and excessive sweating. The nurse provides necessary medication and fluids to protect against these scary effects.

Convenient Counseling Online

The patients gain convenient counseling online. This includes group, individual, and family counseling. They progress through each step of the process based on the guidelines of the program. This may include increasing counseling sessions if the patient is a more complex case. The online counseling allows them to connect from anywhere.


In Hawaii, patients start addiction programs because they want clear change. They complete the counseling treatments in complete privacy. They never have to leave their homes or face embarrassing moments. They don’t stay at the hospital and acquire convenient services. Patients who want to undergo drug treatment at home contact a counselor now.